about Your


I have a love of history as well and a "small" obsession with vintage clothing. Whenever possible, I will use parts from my collection in my fine art work. Taking a piece of the past and intertwining it with a piece of my imagination, breathing into it new life, like an old soul.

I am a traveler and an explorer at heart. I want to visit new worlds, bringing a new dimension to my reality and allowing me to learn things about myself and my own world in ways I would not have imagined. Difference in landscapes, light, and people can have such an impact on one's existence and enhance their mind.


I often find myself hearing a song or reading a book and seeing this image in my head, I have the urge to bring it to life in such a unique way . A way that makes you wonder and possibly think about the world the same way as when you were younger and everything was possible.

I hope my art makes you feel and dream and want to explore. I hope it takes you somewhere you have not been to yet, and if anything I hope maybe it helps you know yourself a bit better than you may have before.